Looking to invest in a studio monitor or set of studio monitors for your home studio? There are several options on the market, and deciding between them all can be tricky, especially because the range of prices for studio monitors varies so much. Paying more for studio monitors doesn’t always equal increased quality, unfortunately. To help simplify your shopping process, here’s a list of what we believe are the eleven best choices for home studios, based on price, specs, perks, and extras

 PreSonus Eris E5 2-Way Active Studio Monitor

Price: $139.99 (for a single monitor)

This two-way active studio monitor is compact in size but packs a heavy punch in terms of power and capability. Its Kevlar low-frequency transducer, high-frequency transducer, and front-firing acoustic port are all major pros. Any mixes you create with this studio monitor will sound professional on other devices and programs.

JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitor

Price: $239.99 (for a set of two)

For under $400, you really can’t beat the sound quality of this studio monitor option. This is truly a professional-grade option priced appropriately for a home studio. Class D Amplifiers, 3-Series speakers, and JBL’s M2 Master Reference Monitor are all major perks.

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor

Price: $299.00 (for a set of two)

Some of the highlights of these studio monitors include bi-amped, class A/B amplifiers and clarity of sound up to 35kHz. When you playback your mixes, you’ll find that the sound quality is accurate, crisp, and on point. There are no exaggerated highs and lows with this studio monitor option.

Mackie CR4 (Pair) Creative Reference Multimedia Monitor

Price: $149.99 (for a set of two)

This studio monitor has the ability to connect right to your smartphone, so you can easily sample mixes you’ve made using music production apps. It also boasts an exceptionally wide frequency range, making it ideal for variety of multimedia projects. For the price, the Mackie CR4 is definitely a great option.

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

Price: $199 (for a single monitor)

This two-way studio monitor option also easily connects to your iPhone. Plus, it comes with perks like 54Hz-30kHz frequency response, a 1-inch dome tweeter, and noise reduction technology that just can’t be beat by a lot of the competition.

KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor

Price: $599 (for a single monitor)

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, the KRK VXT8 two-way studio monitor is a solid option. It’s highly precise and capable, offering low resonance, a compact design, minimal port turbulence due to its design, and a domed tweeter to top it all off.

Alesis M1 Active 320 USB Studio Monitor Speakers

Price: $79 (for a set of two)

These studio monitor speakers are a bargain in comparison to other options. Sure, they might not provide the same sound quality as a $600 studio monitor, but they might be a good match for you if you’re just trying to stock your home studio with all of the essentials. Their convenient USB port also makes it easy to connect your phone, computer, and other devices to these speakers.

Rockville ASM5 5″ 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers 

Price: $109.95 (for a set of two)

USB input, soft dome tweeters, and class D amps are all some highlights of these studio monitor speakers. These speakers are an especially good choice if you’re producing vocal-intensive music, as they’re specifically engineered to work well with vocals.

TASCAM VL-S5 Professional 2-Way Studio Monitor

Price: $94.95 (for a single monitor)

60Hz – 22 kHz frequency response, a one-inch silk dome tweeter, a Kevlar cone, and bi-amplified 40W + 30W power amp section distinguish this studio monitor. It may not have the absolute best sound quality on the market, but it would fit in just fine in the home studio of an intermediate music producer.

 KRK RP6G3 6″ High Performance Studio Monitor

Price: $199.50 (for a single monitor)

With extended response of up to 35kHz, this is a good match for you if you’re serious about stocking your home studio with high quality equipment. This studio monitor has a cool design, soft dome tweeter, low and high frequency adjustment, and a lightweight glass-aramid composite woofer for superior sound.

 ADAM Audio A3X 2-Way Studio Monitor

Price: $349.99 (for a single monitor)

This studio monitor is compact in size, offers phenomenal sound quality, and comes with ports for you to hook up your devices. You’ll probably be paying a bit extra for slightly better sound quality if you go with this studio monitor, but it doesn’t offer that much more than monitors priced a hundred dollars less.