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10 Best Music Production Apps for Your iPhone

Want to start producing music right from your iPhone? Whether you’re a serious, experienced music producer or a novice interested in trying out music production for fun, there are options for you to download on your iPhone. Many of those options are either affordable or free, allowing just about anyone who’s interested to try out mobile music production technology. Whether you’re looking to download a music production app for the first time or are looking to try out a different app than the one you’re currently using, below you’ll find some top music production app recommendations: NanoStudio Price: $6.99...

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10 Best DAWs For Producers and Mix Engineers In 2016

Apple Logic Pro X Apple Logic has always been a staple amongst most audio pros. It facilitates the best of both worlds by being a robust music creation tool as well as full on mixing and editing program. The newest version, Apple Logic X, may be the best yet. Logic X has the ease of use of its “little brother” Garageband and still maintains the capabilities to complete complex tasks. Aside from a sleek new design look, Logic X’s main new fetures inlcude ‘Drummer, a plugin that plays complex drum patterns to match your tracks; a vast expansion of...

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These Transparent Speakers Can Create A Personal Listening Experience Without Headphones

The Turtle Beach Hypersound are some of the coolest speakers you’ll ever see. Not only are the speakers completely transparent but they provide a completely personal listening experience without headphones. “The advancements the HyperSound team is making with directional audio are simply amazing – some of the biggest breakthroughs in audio technology to come along in decades,” said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation. “Being able to create highly directional audio using glass opens up many potential opportunities, including integrating into desktop monitors, commercial displays and desktop speakers…” These speaker could be a game changer from the home producer/mix engineer who...

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