Month: April 2017

10 MIDI Drums Pads to Elevate Your Music Production To The Next Level

In the world of musical performance and production it is absolutely critical to maintain a strong, flowing rhythm section that effectively carries the music. Percussion, in addition to bass, provide the most essential fundamental elements to the overall rhythm of a song. Therefore, top-of-the-line drum pads are heavily desired by a large proportion of musicians in order to maintain this much-needed flow. The following is a comprehensive list of 10 high-quality drum pads frequently utilized by musicians and producers alike: Arturia Beatstep Pro The Arturia Beatatep Pro is an affordable, yet highly innovative MIDI controller that is certain to...

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10 Things Every Producer Should Consider When Setting Up Their First Studio

Location Where the studio is going to be is the biggest concern. Is it a home studio, or do you have the luxury of setting up in a dedicated location? Each one these comes with its own concerns. Home studios typically have to take into consideration the amount of noise surrounding neighbors can tolerate. This makes investing in good headphones a major concern. Also regardless of where your studio is, room size will big a driver to what kind of monitors you’re going to need to fulfill your needs. What Types Of Genres and Recordings Are You Planning To...

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