Month: March 2017

The 10 Most Influential Synthesizers of the last 50 Years

Before there were digital audio workstations and mobile apps that could produce quality audio, there were bulky keyboards and cryptic synthesizers that shaped the sound of progressive music. There are thousands of modular synthesizers, software sound generating applications and hundreds of custom patches. This epic world of easily accessible sounds all started with some of these classic progressive synths. Musicians inspired by these retro sounds can learn more of the inner workings of the routing used in these classic machines. The EMS VCS3 Released in 1969, the EMS was one of the earliest configurable modular synthesizers. While it didn’t...

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Old School Diplo Video Describes Some Of The Tools He Used To Break Into The Production Game

Diplo from Major Lazer is one of the worlds most successful producers. He’s made hit records for almost every major star you can think of from M.I.A to Madonna. But what’s interesting is that Diplo claims to be a terrible musician, at least in the traditional sense of playing chords and instruments. What he is great at though is putting the right sounds together to make hits. This old school video takes an interesting look into the process and some of the tools that he uses to produce his records. The first thing to notice is the humble style...

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