Month: August 2016

14 Music Producers With A Collective Net Worth Over $3 Billion

Music producers make a ton of money and probably have one of the coolest jobs possible. The most successful music producers get to work with music legends and be a part of revolutionizing the music industry. The decisions they make can totally change the music landscape and usher in incredible new trends. Their behind-the-scenes work can help catapult new musicians into fame and help established musicians take their work to a whole new level. Not all music produces rise to the top of the heap, though. Only the best and brightest make big bucks and big waves in the...

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12 Of The Biggest Mistakes Most Music Producers Make

Not everyone has what it takes to be a music producer. You have to have the right technical skills, mindset, and maybe even some natural talent to break into the music production scene. If you’re a beginner at music production, there are several mistakes you can make to significantly slow you down and prevent you from producing the kind of music you want to be known for producing. Be sure to avoid these thirteen common blunders: Spending too much time trying out new technology The best producers learned how to make music by working with a few different tools...

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11 Best Studio Monitors For Your Home Studio In 2016

Looking to invest in a studio monitor or set of studio monitors for your home studio? There are several options on the market, and deciding between them all can be tricky, especially because the range of prices for studio monitors varies so much. Paying more for studio monitors doesn’t always equal increased quality, unfortunately. To help simplify your shopping process, here’s a list of what we believe are the eleven best choices for home studios, based on price, specs, perks, and extras  PreSonus Eris E5 2-Way Active Studio Monitor Price: $139.99 (for a single monitor) This two-way active studio...

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808 Day: Major News From Roland, and a Vintage TR 808 Video To Celebrate

August 8th (8/08) the global music community comes together to celebrate the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine in what is officially known as “808 Day”. To celebrate today Roland has announced a major partnership with renowned DJ Val Kolton and his headphone company V-Moda. According to “The Roland Corporation, a company best known for creating the iconic synthesizers, drum machines, and midi languages that have formed the backbone of everything from house music to techno, hip-hop and more, just acquired 70 percent of and became the majority stakeholder in Kolton’s idealistic headphone brand. It’s Roland’s belief that V-Moda is...

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Vintage Pharell Video Is Everything You Need To Know About How To Start Producing

This video of Pharrell and Chad Hugo may be old, but the gems that they lay down are more relevant than ever today. The multi platinum duo go through what steps a producer is starting out should take in order to be successful. The first thing Pharrell mentions in taking piano lessons. This it so key, because so many people want to jump right into making and mixing music without having any understanding of music theory. You don’t need to become a proficient paino player, but you should have a good grasp on how keys, scales and chords come to together...

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